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Welcome to Watford Credit Union

Our Unity Trust bank account is now closed! See below for bank details to pay in!! Please see below for the latest collection point information. Hillside collection point closed

Christmas closure dates.
Watford Credit Union (main office and all collection points) will be
closed for the whole week starting Monday 24th December. However, from
time to time during the week we will log in remotely to listen to phone
messages and read emails, and if possible we will respond to anything
very urgent.

On Monday 31st December our drop-in session at 59 Clarendon Road will be
open from 4pm to 6.30pm as usual, BUT the Credit Committee will NOT be
in attendance, so no loan decisions will be made.

Also, on Monday 31st December the Watford Community Housing building
will be closed, so if you wish to come to the drop-in session, for
example to pay money in or to withdraw from your savings or to leave a
loan application to be looked at on Wednesday 2nd January, you will need
to phone us on 01923 236401 from outside the front door so we can let
you in.

We will also be closed on New Year's Day, Tuesday 1st January, so there
will be no-one in the office to answer the phone on that day, but you
can leave a message, or send an email, and we will do our best to
respond on the next day.

Season's greetings to you all!

 From everyone at Watford Credit Union.

Watford Credit Union CredEcard has changed to Engage
engage card
For more information  click here
To download an application form click here
Read about the new envelope facility for budgeting and Universal Credit here
To see the cashback calculator click here
Collection point information.
 Here is the new list of drop-­in opening hours. .
Monday: 4pm ~ 6:30pm 59 Office Clarendon Road, Watford WD17 1LA
Tuesday: 1pm ~ 2pm Berry Lane Methodist Church, Mill End, Rickmansworth WD3 7HJ
Wednesday: 4pm ~ 6pm 59 Office Clarendon Road, Watford WD17 1LA
Thursday: 1pm ~ 2pm [now for both men and women] Watford Women’s Centre Plus, 83
Market Street, Watford WD18 0PT (basement)
1st and 3rd Friday of the month: 10am ~ 11:30am Meriden Residents Association
office, 149 York Way, Watford WD25 9UF
Friday: 12.00am ~ 1pm West Watford Community Centre, 15 Harwoods Road, Watford
WD18 7RB
Appointments at the Clarendon Road office
If you need to visit us at any time outside the above drop-­in hours, please phone 01923
236401 or email info@watfordcreditunion.co.uk to arrange an appointment at our
Clarendon Road office. Please also note that you might have to wait a few days for your
appointment. The credit union is staffed by volunteers, and different people do different
tasks, so it will depend on the nature of your transaction and on who is in at what times.

Collection Point leaflet download here

Information by Email.
Following a change in  credit union law, we can now send detailed information such as statements by Email.  If you agree to receive your information this way, please send an Email from the address that you would like to receive the information, or click here and enter the subject as " Receive information by Email" and put your name and membership number in the main section .
If this is different from the Email address registered with us, we may ring you to confirm this.
The more members we can Email information to, the more money can be saved by the credit union.

To help us provide an even better service to members, we need more volunteers. If you are able to commit a few hours on a regular basis please have a look at the volunteer page here
If you have been helped by Watford Credit Union, why not give some time to help others?

We are a local financial co-operative owned and controlled by our members and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

We offer

  • safe easy savings

  • an ethically based investment policy

  • great value loans (examples)

  • free life insurance on savings and loans *

You can join if you live or work in the WD postcode area.

Find out more - Email: info@WatfordCreditUnion.co.uk

Telephone: 01923 236401

Offices: First Floor, 59 Clarendon Road, Watford WD17 1LA [Map]

* Some conditions apply. For more information contact info@watfordcreditunion.co.uk or ring 01923 236401

GDPR.The Watford Credit Union Privacy and Retension policy can be downloaded HERE