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Membership Application Pack

Thank you for your interest in the Watford Credit Union. If you would like to apply for membership:

  • First print a Membership Application Form and then fill in your details.

  • A good way to save regular amounts is to set up a standing order with your bank. If you would like to do this then please also complete a Standing Order Form.

  • We will need to see two forms of ID, ideally one containing your photograph (such as a driving licence or passport) and one confirming your address (such as a recent utility bill or letter from a government agency). If this will cause you difficulty, please contact the office.

  • We are required to provide you with a copy of our Financial Services Compensation Scheme information sheet and receipt must be acknowledged on the membership application form.

  • Finally, print out and complete the Equal Opportunities and Security Information Form and the Nominated Bank Account Form.

Please email copies of your completed forms, with copies of your ID to info@watfordcreditunion.co.uk.
We may ask you to bring the original ID documents to the office at a later date.

If you would like any help with completing or submitting the forms please contact the office on 01923 236401.

You will need to pay the £2 entrance fee and your initial deposit of at least £1 (or email a completed standing order form to us). You will be given further information, including your reference number for payments, when you join.

Membership Forms

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